Friday, June 15, 2007

Dive trip to Nogas Island off the province of Antique on Panay Island.

This church is a World Heritage Site on the way to
Nogas Island and has the most unique walls.

In the distance is Nogas Island. We are on a piece of
land owned by a friend of the bride's brother
and our great dive guide Chris.

Here is the only building on his property besides the outhouse.
It is perfect.

This is Sy, father of the bride and avid fisherman.

World famous photographer caught without camera in hand.

Outriggers: Pretty much the coolest boats ever.

Aspiring photographer Tintin.

Perfect water.

Perfect beach.

Another few day trippers to this uninhabited island.

Pretty much the only fish we saw during the trip we didn't eat.

Documentary photographer photographing photographer at work.

View from the Nogas Island lighthouse. The trees
with the white flowers are fragrant magnolias.

Go on, Google it.

We had to climb a chain link fence and slide under barbed
wire in our bathing suits to get up here. Also, the mountains in the
distance are the tallest on the main island of Panay.

Magnolia tunnel.

This is Dik-Dik the pig.
He thinks he is a dog.
I hope they decide not to eat him.

I think that I shall never see
a cuter pair of goats.



At 9:47 AM, Blogger akosi_carla said...

Do you mind telling me how much the rates in Nogas? Including the Fare on the Pumpboat and the accomodation in the Beach. Thanks!


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