Friday, June 15, 2007


"I really hope this wedding goes well,"
said Jack-Jack.

Maybe if Tintin and I practice really hard...

Avner and I are having a third wedding.
It will be in the Philippines.
I will wear this dress.

As you can see, Philippine weddings are "minimalist".

Beautiful ladies ready to go.
Brianna, Rachel, and Taylor all done up.

Even I had my hair and make-up done.

Maid of honor Tintin with Papa Sy and Mama Josie behind her.

Rosana the gorgeous bride.

Just a few of the bridesmaids.

The bride and groom before the Neon Jesus.

I think they were paying the hymn "...we celebrate, we believe..."
Universal Catholic hymns.

These are only HALF of the Sponsors. They will
act as godparents to the married couple and
present them with gifts throughout the mass.

This is Tito Pito.
He rocks and looks a bit like Elvis.

Um, why didn't I have this photographer for my wedding?!?!

Here is the bridal party.
Note what all of the men are wearing.
It is a traditional rice paper shirt called a baron.
Most of the men at the wedding wear it,
including the groom and the photographer.
Don't just sneak up on anyone at the
reception and give him a smooch,
it might be the groom.

These are all of the Sponsors.

These are the smaller members of the bridal party.
The one in the front is the bible bearer.
He did very well,
even though he said the bible was heavy.



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