Friday, June 15, 2007


The infamous Philippino lechon.

Amazing refection shot by the wedding photographer
of the vast reception location. Room for 450 people.
And six lechon.

This is Martin the MC. He was very impressed with Avner.
He told me that my husband was a very handsome and that
I should keep my eye on him. I took his advice,
knowing Marty was around.

When the mother of the bride asks you at the wedding
if you like to dance, lie. Otherwise you will wind up being
on the dance floor the entire evening with DI.
(Dance Instructors hired for wedding receptions to get the crowd dancing)
(Who am I kidding? It was really fun.)

Kate with the newlyweds David and Rosana.

Cake time!
Just a simple, small cake.

G with a sleepy Taylor in her lap.

G and I breakin' it down.

G and I mugging in the background of other people's photos.

Finally, they give the photographer a break.

Tintin and I celebrating.

Ed going wild.
(The twins and Jack-Jack have gone to sleep by now.)

A fun night for all.



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