Friday, June 15, 2007

Dumaguete and Apo Island.

You will be happy to note that Negros Island is a safe place to travel.

All suited up.

Now that I see this detailed image of a balut,
(boiled fertilized duck egg. Philippinos prefer them 17 days old.)
I am very grateful to have had a fourteen hour migraine
that evening that prevented me from going into
town with the others.

Avner was able to get up the next morning,
even after eating a balut,
and take a jeepney to the Wednesday
morning market in a neighboring town.

This is called a tricycle. The ones that have a
man-powered bike instead of a motorbike are called tricicots.
They are both used to carry anything from an entire
family of twelve to a new mattress. Or a big pig.

Avner saw this little beauty splashing around
in her small pool without a care in the world.

She got up and gave a big stretch after all that playing.



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